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SDGs(持続可能な開発目標 ※)として掲げられている17のゴールのうち、「4:質の高い教育をみんなに」「5:ジェンダー平等を実現しよう」など、複数の項目に関わるテーマの英文です。語彙を確認しながら、一緒に内容を読み解いていきましょう。


Reading Part 1 - 本文を読んでみよう



How Japan’s Companies Get Involved in Global Support for Girls’ EducationJuly 4, 2022

While the gender gap in education is closing year by year in developed countries, there is still a significant gender gap in education in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and parts of South America. This disparity is caused by poverty, child marriage, and problems in the educational environment.

On the other hand, some data show that for every additional year of primary education a girl receives, her future earnings increase by about 11% and that if all women completed secondary education, the under-five mortality rate would decrease by about 49% and about 3 million lives could be saved per year. It is a great benefit to society.

Therefore, some Japanese companies are providing global support to protect women’s human rights and expand their potential.

Vocabulary - 重要語彙を確認!

  • disparity:(名)格差
  • poverty:(名)貧困
  • child marriage:(名)児童婚
  • the under-five mortality rate:(名)5歳未満児死亡率
  • expand:(動)広げる

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Shiseido’s Program to Promote STEM Education

Shiseido’s global luxury brand, clé de peau BEAUTÉ, launched a global partnership with UNICEF in 2019. The partnership focuses on promoting STEM education, which until now has been kept away from girls due to stereotypes and gender discrimination.

Ultimately, throughout the three-year partnership, they have donated a total of US$8.7 million, the largest donation in the world, to support UNICEF’s work to protect the rights of 7.9 million girls and provide them with opportunities for education and skills development.

Promoting Learning in Conflict Areas by Providing School Backpacks

Since 2004, Kuraray, a chemical manufacturer, has been involved in the “Randoseru across the sea” initiative. “Randoseru” is a backpack used by Japanese elementary school students. Though they are very durable and long-lasting, they are no longer used after graduation. Therefore, they deliver those backpacks to children in Afghanistan, where there is a shortage of school supplies due to the conflict, thereby supporting local children’s learning and reusing school backpacks.

Vocabulary - 重要語彙を確認!

  • launch:(動)開始する、乗り出す
  • STEM education:Science(科学)、Technology(技術)、Engineering(工学)、Mathematics(数学)を横断的に学ぶ教育のこと。
  • discrimination:(名)差別
  • ultimately:(副)最終的に
  • donate:(動)寄付する
  • durable:(形)もちのよい、丈夫な
  • no longer ~:もはや~でない
  • thereby:(副)それによって

Reading Part 3 - 本文を読んでみよう


Low Recognition of the Need for Women’s Education in Japan

On the other hand, Japan has contributed only US$46 million to the Global Partnership for Education, which also focuses on supporting girls’ education. That’s very low compared to US$1.4 billion by the United Kingdom and US$670 million by the United States, making it the lowest in the G7.

In addition, Japan ranked 120th out of 156 countries in The Global Gender Gap Index 2021, almost the lowest among developed countries, which indicate that sensitivity to women’s rights is low even within Japan.

Due to the domestic gender gap, only a few Japanese can turn our attention to the issue of educational disparity in developing countries. That is why we need to increase concrete efforts such as those introduced in this column while first spreading awareness about the importance of girls’ education also in Japan.

Vocabulary - 重要語彙を確認!

  • The Global Gender Gap Index:世界経済フォーラム(WEF)が発表しているジェンダー・ギャップ指数
  • indicate:(動)示す、暗示する
  • sensitivity:(名)敏感さ、感度
  • concrete:(形)具体的な

Reading Comprehension Quiz - 理解度をチェック!



  1. According to the data in the article, providing secondary education for all women can help decreasing the under-five mortality rate. True or False?
  2. Shiseido donated US$8.7 million to UNICEF in 2019, the largest donation in the world. True or False?
  3. Japan ranked almost the lowest among developed countries in The Global Gender Gap Index 2021. True or False?
  4. ※正解は記事最下部へ

Listening - 英語音声の聞き取りにもチャレンジ!

“How Japan’s Companies Get Involved in Global Support for Girls’ Education”の内容を音声で聞きたい方は、こちらからフルバージョンを視聴可能です。記事を読んでインプットした語彙を意識しつつ、英語の聞き取りに挑戦しましょう。




【参照サイト】Zenbird – Discovering a Sustainable Future from Japan


  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
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